What is the CPPS?

The CPPS is an acronym for the French phrase “centre pédagogique pour la prévention en cas de séismes” – the Earthquake Education Centre.

It is a complete educational concept covering aspects that range from understanding the occurrence of earthquakes, learning how to protect yourself and giving you the basic skills to help on site.

In order to provide young people and the wider population with effective training and preparation for the case of an earthquake, the University of Applied Sciences HES-SO Valais-Wallis has developed an innovative earthquake education programme which makes it possible to feel and experience the different characteristics of an earthquake.

The masterpiece of this exhibition is a 5 x 6 metre simulator that can reproduce earthquakes up to magnitude 8 on the Richter scale.


NEW 21 Oct 2020

October activity

The simulator in a nutshell 




21 Oct 2020

October activity

The simulator in a nutshell 

1 Jun 2018

June activity

The secret of mountains

8 May 2018


Participate in the space mission!

29 Mar 2018


Seismic monitor 

An innovative prevention concept

Switzerland is a country where earthquakes represent a significant natural danger.

According to specialists, Valais is the Swiss region where the seismic risk is highest.
Statistically, an earthquake with a magnitude of about 6 occurs on average every 50 to 100 years in Valais. 

The last major earthquake, the strongest of the last 70 years in Switzerland, occurred in 1946.
The map on the right shows the most recent earthquakes in Switzerland. It is updated every minute. 


Smartphone apps available to download. 

  ALERTSWISS               CSEM:  LastQuake by EMSC


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