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Earthquakes 1946

Prepared by the “Centre Pédagogique Prévention Séismes” (CPPS), a trail of 13 educational and fun stations in the historic centre of Sion allows visitors to learn more about earthquakes by understanding what happened on 25 January 1946 and during that year. The aim of the tour is to raise awareness of the need for public and individual preparation for a future earthquake. At the beginning of 2021, workshops for children (construction of a seismograph) will be organised by the CPPS.

The trail is a self-guided tour through the streets in the historic centre of Sion, starting from the Tourist Office, available from 22 February 2021. The creation of the trail has benefited from the support of the Commune and Bourgeoisie of Sion, the Swiss Seismological Service (SED) of ETH Zurich and the HES-SO Valais-Wallis.

For more information, please visit the CPPS website:


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What happened in 1946?



Why is this tour in the heart of the old town of Sion?


Switzerland is a seismic country and it is in the canton of Valais that the seismic risk is the highest. Knowing and understanding the seismic risk is therefore fundamental in order to be well prepared and to take adequate preventive measures.

It is in this spirit that the 75th anniversary of the earthquakes of 1946, major events that marked our canton, will be commemorated.

The "Earthquake of 25 January 1946 treasure hunt”, which is part of this commemoration, is intended for the general public, children and families.

The aim of this game is to raise awareness about the risks from earthquakes by using knowledge gained from the 1946 earthquake and its aftershocks.

This route through the old town of Sion is created using the GuidiGO app, which has a wide range of options to create a fun and stimulating treasure hunt. This game features Wallis, "the seismograph mascot" and 13 interactive stops that can be equipped with 3D objects, enlivened by the audio guides.

Some explanations about the trail



This game features "Wallis, seismograph mascot of the CPPS" whose mission is to guide the players step by step through the old town of Sion. This trail uses 2 communication supports:



wallis 75ème_1                                                   Guidigo


- The first is the GuidiGo web application (Fig. 1) which allowed us to create a guided, geolocated tour to create interactive games as well as provide scientific content.

- The second corresponds to the posters present at each stop (Fig2). For 4 of these stops, 3D objects will be installed. They will be supported by audio guides and video animations from the GuidiGo web application.

This route comprises 12 stops, including the start and finish posts. The scientific content of each stop are distinct and self contained. This means that players do not have to complete the entire route in order to participate. They can choose the stages that interest them.

At each stop, games in the form of quizzes allow players to earn points. The aim of the game is to accumulate the maximum number of points.

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