Collaboration with Samaritan sections

The Swiss Alliance of Samaritans

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The Swiss Alliance of Samaritans promotes the involvement of volunteers in rescue, health and community services. It ensures that those injured and who fall ill receive first aid. It fills the gaps in the network of social institutions through spontaneous or complementary intervention in the field of care and support. It develops an in-depth awareness for health and accident prevention


The Association of Samaritan Sections of the French-speaking Valais


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In Switzerland, around 21,000 women and men are involved in more than 900 local Samaritain sections, and around 2,800 children and adolescents are involved in 129 youth first-aid groups. The cantonal associations of the sections form the Swiss Samaritan Alliance (SSA), which maintains a secretariat in Olten. The seven-member Central Committee is responsible for the strategic management of the SSA. Together, the Central Committee and the secretariat form the central organisation.

The Association of Samaritan Sections of the Upper Valais

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The Upper Valais Samaritains' Association is responsible for the education and further training of the course leaders and technical managers of the 34 affiliated Samaritans' associations. The association is a member of the Swiss Samaritan Federation and therefore also of the Swiss Red Cross. It cooperates with the cantonal health service and is involved in political issues.





Here you will find the documents concerning the Samaritans

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