The modules

The activities offered by the CPPS are divided into three optional modules. These cover different themes to help young people and the general public familiarise themselves with earthquakes.  


Module 1: Understanding earthquakes

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"Interactive exhibition"

This module, designed as an interactive exhibition, explains the phenomenon of earthquakes and the natural consequences they may have. Instruments and vibrating models enable visitors to experiment with the principles of earthquake-resistant construction.

Module 2: What an earthquake feels like

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"Seismic platform"

The second module is associated with the simulator and its objective is to bring alive the experience of an earthquake. This module raises visitors’ awareness of the impact that an earthquake has on their immediate environment, and teaches them how to react quickly and effectively.

Module 3: Reacting after an earthquake

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"First Aid"

The aim of the last module, “Aid”, is to teach the action to be taken to ensure personal safety, to deliver first aid and to save lives. It has been developed in collaboration with medical care professionals (firefighters, paramedics, Samaritans, civil protection organisations, the army).

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